Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to Mercer County!


When I started researching this area online as a possible settling point after 20 years of military travels, I wished for more photos of the area -- detailed photos to give a good glimpse of actual life, locations, recreation, and a general feel. Now that we've been settled here for over a year, I'm very much enjoying my new home community and decided to add to its internet presence. It's a great get-away place if you love the outdoors and no traffic congestion and mild summers and fairly moderate winters considering we're a northern state.

I may be presumptuous being a relative newcomer and putting up this blog, but I'm a hobbyist photographer and take tons of photos I want to share, and I have family and friends scattered everywhere. Here, they can see where I am and why I'm content with where we've landed.

I also wanted to give the area a louder voice.

Stop back from time to time. If I can wrestle other area photographers, writers, artists into it, this will be a shared project.

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