Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Town Grove City

It’s easy to drive all around the main areas of Grove City and completely miss the quaint, one-road old town area. It took me three years of living nearby before I found it, and only because I was searching for a local bookstore called “Graphic Novels” at the recommendation of an acquaintance.

You don’t want to bypass it, though. I was fully charmed by this area where you can park once and then walk up and down the sidewalks on either side. Parking is free, by the way.

Here are a few highlights of my October run through:


Beans on Broad, a coffee shop situated in the lower part of an old bank building. I hear they have live music now and then:


Have to appreciate the architecture of different styles. This one is a Methodist church and it looks rather Spanish-influenced:


We had to stop into this music store. They do have instruments, but mainly, the owner said, they do lessons:


There’s also a little pavilion where I believe they have music during the summer, and a parking area used as a farmer’s market in summer/early fall.


If you’re looking for a quick &/or easy day of lunch and shopping, be sure to turn onto Broad street, beside the college, and spend some time here. Along with the coffee shop, I saw pizza, subs, an Asian restaurant, and a little family restaurant, as well as a variety of stores.