Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eagles and Fireworks


Shenango Lake is home not only for fishing and boating, but also for eagles. It may be too early in the season for them to be here yet, but I had a nice chat about where to find them from the owner of Zambelli Fireworks of Newcastle, PA in neighboring Lawrence County. At least I believe he was the owner. I mentioned seeing Zambelli on the Discovery Channel (heck, he was wearing the T-shirt -- I had to ask!) and he mentioned several shows he's been on, including Myth Busters -- the one with the box full of arrows. If you're curious, check the link above or this one:

Good News! Another local writer-photographer has joined the blog. I met TC Conner at my first local book signing where his bluegrass band was playing in the town square. Turns out he's also a master gardener and loves photographing nature. Be on the lookout for his first post here!

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